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If you are learning foreign exchange currency trading means that you are aspiring to join about 5% of an elite group of people who on daily basis get involved in a business worth $4Trillion.

Meanwhile, success can be made in diverse forms; however, I have for you four salient points that are keys to your success. Anyone can trade in this business, but a good education on the subject is very important. I hereunder list them.


There is numerous e-books and currency trading system that give you the assurance that once you expended some amount of dollar on them, you will have knowledge of the trade. Yes, good as these e-books and currencies are, nevertheless, they will not earn you any success with you having a practical experience. The thinking which you may have in mind is that, should these vendors be this good in what they are advertising, should they not make money for themselves.

You probably think about it that, these vendors will not have your time selling e-books; they will be involved in strategizing at making the next couple of pips in the trade. Thus if you want to learn foreign exchange currency trading, it simply means that you are on your own. It is your baby to devise your own trading strategy on the foreign exchange currency transaction.

The advantage of you building your own strategy in foreign exchange currency trading is that you will get used to your own strategy which will be beneficial to you. The fact remains that it is what you understood that you will build confidence in and maintain self-discipline to follow.


As soon as you have learned the basic rules for the trading of foreign exchange currency trading, you will need to have an operational methodology. The first best tool that you need to rely on is the trading chart otherwise called foreign exchange charts. This should be supported with technical analysis. Technical analysis works because human nature is constant and also repetitive. The repetitive nature is also an incentive for you to trade for profit purposes.

There is a practice of error on the part of many traders who are unenlightened about the workings of the foreign exchange currency trading tools. Most of these traders rely on the information that they access through the news media. What I am talking Questions about Forex here is the trade news such traders get from the news media. You must know that news is stories, and stories cannot at any time be a basis for a business decision such as investing your hard earned money. The news can be packaged in a manner that it will be quite attractive and invite, yet the basic statistical details which can form the bedrock of decision making may completely be absent.

Do please remember that the foreign exchange currency market works on discounting mechanism, and news is instantly discounted in the price. Thus your discounted news information is already a discounted one. Yet the foreign exchange currency market works on future perception, it is not what has just happened, rather what will happen at a given determinable future time?


I need to let you know that, despite the fact that foreign exchange currency transaction relies on technical analysis, it must, however, be kept simple. This is important for easy interpretation and understanding. It will be of no use and a mere academic exercise if the technical analysis is bogus,

difficult to interpret, and not portable. It is just a wasted exercise and a worthless paper. Simple system works better because it is robust, easy and beneficial in implementation. It is encouraging to use trend line and some other confirming indicators so as to get an indication

of price momentum. In foreign exchange currency transaction, it is being right that you get a reward and not the physical effort you put into it. This is the more reason you must be very articulate in how you go about it so that you do not lose revenue or your investment.


It is no longer news that discipline is the bedrock of any successful endeavor. This is also applicable in the business of foreign exchange transaction. You must have the sufficient and large capacity to be patient and disciplined if you are to make success in your trading venture. Your capacity to have patience will come play during the losing period, not only this; you equally need the patience to make the huge profit which you may be expectant of.

The greatest shortcoming of many traders of foreign exchange currency business is a lack of patience and discipline to be consistent at trading. They can’t follow trends; they are overwhelmed by excitement whenever they make a big profit. On the aspect of profit, they are quick at withdrawing their profit or move their stop too soon. Making a profit in foreign exchange currency transaction requires discipline and patience and not quick fixes or shortcut avenues. No, it is not in that way at all. I hereby submit that these four points are very important to success making in foreign exchange currency transaction.

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